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I used to think that decorating my home was something I'd never get the hang of because I didn't have an "eye" for design and didn't go to design school. And, being an overwhelmed and busy mom, I know what it's like to put decorating on the back burner. Plus, whenever I did try to decorate, I always felt like something was missing.

After years of self-study and trial and error, I figured out a few key elements to help me simplify the decorating process. I couldn't believe that a girl like me, who's not a design expert, could actually create a home I love to spend time in. And I can't wait to share what I learned so you can skip past the typical design mistakes.  

That's why I created the 5-Day Decorating Made Easy Challenge, to help you get a jumpstart on creating a home you love!

Don't wait another minute feeling frustrated with your home decor!

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